If You Know Love

(European Release)
See also Messin’ Around

This eclectic collection of songs features new compositions by Molly Johnson, Steve MacKinnon, and Lenny Kravitz’s guitarist and co-writer Craig Ross. In addition to the originals, the album is peppered with interpretations of songs by Prince, Bruce Springsteen, and George Gershwin.

The mix is as diverse as the artist herself – adult-oriented pop songs, smoking versions of jazz classics, and soulful originals. Messin’ Around showcases Molly’s gift as a vocalist but also as a serious composer. Over half of the songs on the album (including the first single “Rain”), were co-written by Molly, displaying the maturity that this Canadian icon has developed.

01. Messin’ Around
02. If You Know Love
03. Let’s Waste Some Time
04. Rain
05. Sunday
06. Northern Star
07. Streets of Philadelphia listen
08. But Not For Me
09. Sticks and Stones
10. Tristes Souvenirs
11. Tonight
12. Tangerine listen


Recorded In Toronto, Canada At Canterbury Sound February 27/06 – March 3/06
Arnaud Méthivier Appears Courtesy Of The Label Bleu
Produced By: Steven MacKinnon At The Canterbury Music Co, Toronto, Canada
Engineered By: John “Beetle” Bailey
Executive Producer: Pegi Cecconi
Mastered By: Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, New York, USA

Photography: Andrew Macnaughtan
Assisted By: Todd Fraser, Paolo Cristante and Sean Barker
Album Design: Susan Michalek
Make-Up: Premiere Artist Jody Daye For Estee Lauder
Hair: Philip at Glo Salon
Stylist: Roslyn Griffith
Assistant Stylist: Sandra D’angelo

We Acknowledge the Financial Support Of Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters As Well
As The Government of Canada through The Canada Music Fund for This Project.

Thank You

Miss Johnson Sends Many Thanks and Much Love to the Very Talented, Supportive and Generous Quartet; Mike Downes, Colleen Allen, Andrew Craig and Mark Mclean. Thank You for Your Wonderfully Spirited Playing.

To Steve Mckinnon, Thank You For Your Friendship, Advice, Counsel, Beautiful Songs And For Taking Such Good Care Of This Record. To John Beetle “Ears” Bailey the Engineer and To Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Sound for the Tea and Laughs. Thanks. To Pegi “I Love My Job” Cecconi, Ray Danniels, Bob Farmer and the Whole Team At SRO-Anthem. Thank You for Bringing Me through To the Other Side. To My Incredible Team in France: Yann Ollivier, Vero Crosille, Axel Clemen, Benoit Bayer and Jacques Metges. Thank You So Much. To Gerrarde Durot who took me from The Pizza Express to The New Morning and then to the Olympia. What A Trip, Thanks! To Universal Canada Randy Lennox, Scott Morin, Sarah Scott, and Steve Cranwell. To Ralph James, Lorraine Webb, Steve Herman and Neil Warnock at The Agency Group. Thank You For Always Being There For Me (And I Mean Always)! To Carolyn V. Mill, Thanks Eh! To My Wonderful Guests, The Musicians Who Graced Us With Their Performances! Craig Ross (Thanks for the Great Tunes), Rob Piltch, Doug (The Dr. Is In The House) Riley, Guido Basso, Arnaud Méthivier, Vern Dorge, Bruce Cassidy, Micha Barnes And Billy Newton Davis. To All The Girls; Sanja, Ana, Zoe, Laura, Agnus, Asha, Joan, Faiza, Anna, Devon, Mia, Carole Padmore, Jaymes MacKinnon, Jan Riley, Toni, Kate And Heidi. Thanks for Sharing. To Bob Loung And Michael Veitch, Thank You. To Len Glickman For Taking An Interest. To Terence Queeley, Thank You For Production Always Managed And Vocals. To Kindred Spirits for Too Much Fine Food. To my fellas Rob, Otis and Henry and to Isabel. Thank You for Holding It Together While I Made This Record.

The Quartet and Miss Johnson Would like to thank
Heather Harvey, Jun Fujimoto and Yamaha Canada
Doug Walker: Walker Microphones
Dave Dysart: HHB Canada
Mario Lamarre: Bass Luthier
Mark Mclean: Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals And Sticks and Regal Tip Brushes and Mallets Exclusively.

To My Friends Anna, Peter, Chantel, Nicole, D.D, S.A, P.S. & CVM who have inspired me with their move through change, cause change is hard, Rain is really for you. MJ