Molly Johnson in France

Avignon is a very special town in France, a very magical place. It’s like a children’s picture book. A walled city built in Roman times but dates back much further. In 1309 Pope Clement V made it his residency and, until 1377, it was the seat of the Papacy and the home for seven subsequent Popes. You step outside the hotel and you are immediately a part of a living history. Avignon is filled with artists. The light here, I am told, is very special. We played in a beautiful venue lit with chandeliers’ magic. The audience, like all French audiences, was engaged and engaging.

The next night, in Lyon, found us in a completely different space. The front half was a huge Rock club and in the back was a smaller club where we played jazz. I walked on stage and saw no chairs! The audience was standing so I invited as many as I could to come up and sit on the stage and stairs. They did − it was a very cosy night, like playing music in your best friend’s living room. Not much sleep but good food, music and company.

For this trip Robi Botos played piano with Mike Downes on bass. Great music − some of the best Canada has to offer. We had a lot of laughs and some pretty good wine, too . Great trip, cannot wait to go back.

Love ~ MJ

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