Music Education in Hamilton & Live On Locke


This Friday, Sept. 18th Molly will be kicking off the Live On Locke Concert Series.

From now until December there will be one concert a month at the lovely Melrose United Church in Hamilton.

-Sept. 18th Molly Johnson

-Oct. 2nd Wanda Jackson

-Nov. 20th Joel Plaskett

-Dec. 4th Skydiggers

For individual tickets to Molly’s show click here:

“Live On Locke” is in support of “An Instrument for Every Child”

“An Instrument For Every Child (AIFEC) provides ALL children with a high quality music education and allows them to explore their creative potential. This program will build self-esteem, develop leadership and teamwork skills and realize a sense of fulfillment. AIFEC will greatly assist in successfully carrying children forward, as vital citizens of their community.
Through AIFEC, students in grades 1-4 will learn to play a musical instrument and receive general music education within the school curriculum. AIFEC was launched as a pilot project at King George Elementary School in September 2010.

The longer-term vision for the program is that ALL children in Hamilton will have the opportunity to be part of the program. AIFEC supports the mandate of “Making Hamilton the Best Place to Raise a Child.”

Read more about AIFEC here:

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